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Paul Nelson - Managing Director Hangabouts
Paul Nelson - Managing Director

The Hangabouts system was developed in Melbourne Australia by Allan & Paul Nelson in 2010.

Together with over 50 years experience in Retail Marketing & Merchandising we realised that even though there were other systems on the market, none of them met the needs to hang material from suspended, plaster, or open ceilings and they were all difficult to use with moving parts and ropes or by having to climb ladders and twisting clips on manually.

The system has evolved over the years to become the easiest and most flexible system in the world.

Paul Nelson started up Hangabouts International Pty. Ltd. in 2014 with the sole purpose of taking this Aussie invention to retailers, kindergartens, schools, conference centres, hotels and households globally.

If you're a retailer presenting your marketing message Instore, a manufacturer implementing your merchandising material, an event company creating a theme or wedding or simply wanting to celebrate a birthday or event at home. Our products allow you to suspend your material in seconds without damaging your ceiling and without having to climb a ladder, keeping your feet safely on the ground.